Amadeus Pro Web

Amadeus Pro Web is a browser-based reservation platform that allows access to the Amadeus System over the Internet through Amadeus AgentNet. Amadeus Pro Web enables users to enter Amadeus cryptic formats and receive standard host response screens.

From workstations running Microsoft Windows and using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Amadeus Pro Web customers can make air, car, hotel, tour and travel insurance bookings using familiar Amadeus System commands, as well as access the graphical Amadeus Cruise product to shop for and make cruise reservations.

Amadeus Pro Web is a low-cost, low-maintenance solution for travel professionals. It incorporates many of the popular productivity tools available in existing disk based front office products.

Key Features

  • Browser-based software allows customers to easily connect to the Amadeus System through the public Internet, using Internet Explorer, which enables them to service their customers worldwide, from their own PC.
  • Software upgrades and timely access to new functionality through regular automatic updates. Access to Amadeus System can be gained only through a certified terminal.
  • Secured access using digital certificate security identification to prove the identity of users.
    The Sign In is a second security level that handles the Amadeus System users' rights.
  • Accessed though AgentNet, which provide new tools for reservations, resources, training
    and administration that add value and efficiency to every phase of the business and reservation process.




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