Solutions for Travel Professionals

At Amadeus we do not simply sell IT products – we create solutions.

Selecting the right technology for your business is only part of the picture. At Amadeus, we believe in adding value not only through our technical solutions and products, but also to every part of our customer’s business. That's why we take time to understand your business, how you work today, and where you want to be tomorrow. Only then can we help you get there.

Customer Partnership
You will notice our commitment to customer partnership from day one.

  • Implementation: The sales manager meets with a project consultant and a team of specialists to design the best implementation strategy for your business.
  • Help Desk: Our help desk is equipped to provide you with the fastest possible problem resolution (over 80% of issues are resolved on the initial call)
  • Training: We work with you to ensure your staff have unlimited access to classroom training, and if your business requires bespoke training, we can develop courses around your needs and deliver them on-site
  • Marketing: Our marketing department works on your behalf to amplify the voice of the customer through the entire Amadeus organisation in order to continuously improve our solutions in line with market requirements.

Successful together
The travel industry is arguably the most interesting and complex in the world. The future holds many challenges, but together Amadeus and its customers can tackle these and enjoy shared success. In short Amadeus provides an unbeatable, cost-effective solution for every client's needs.





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